Support for professional advisors

If your own firm has no in-house tax advisers you are constantly at risk of losing valued clients where expertise on a difficult matter cannot be provided.  We can provide that advice in relation to Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and the routine taxation of trusts and estates, helping you to do a better job and to keep your clients. 

What we do

We provide support, by telephone or full written advice, on:

  • Inheritance Tax planning and mitigation
  • Capital Gains Tax planning and mitigation
  • Taxation of trusts and estates
  • Complex probate cases
  • Capital taxation of businesses

Problem solving

  • If you have a problem case that is causing concern, we can turn the file round and put the whole case in order for you.

  • If you are suddenly left with a skills gap, perhaps though illness or the loss of a senior colleague, we can step in and get things running smoothly again.

  • If you are faced with a complex matter and need ad hoc advice, whether by telephone or in writing, we can help you.

Why choose us?

  • When you need help, or a second opinion, you can call on a highly experienced tax and trust specialist, of partner standing,  to help sort out the issues quickly and efficiently.
  • We can cope with the complexity of UK tax law and if necessary challenge the view of H M Revenue & Customs.
  • Our work is usually carried out in the background so you can be assured of our discretion.
  • We enable you to offer your clients an additional level of advice, knowledge and expertise, paying only on a case by case basis.

Let’s work together