Profitable retirement

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Across the UK, people are retiring later than planned and some not at all.  This may be for financial reasons, where pension income is less than anticipated, but often, quite simply, people go on working because they like the work or just feel that they ought to be doing something worthwhile. 

This page offers some suggestions for people who are not yet quite ready to sit and do nothing. Although it contains some general advice, clients are always advised to seek personal and individual advice on their own situation.  The examples in this section are intended only to illustrate the tax principles discussed.

Tax planning: Income Tax

Continue working part-time and postpone drawing full pension.


Tax planning: Capital Gains Tax 

Use ISAs and remember the tax-free uplift on death. Find out more. 


Tax planning: Inheritance Tax

Consider investing in AIM shares. Find out more. 

Simply live longer (after making lifetime gifts): pursue healthy occupations.  

Find out more about the Inheritance Tax update

Walking direct from the site: find out more.



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