Family trust services

What we do

Trust creation and management

We can create new trusts. We can manage new and existing trusts, prepare trust accounts and file trust tax returns, both annual returns of income and gains and occasional returns for Inheritance Tax.  We no longer advise on offshore trusts. We are not investment advisers but have close links with stockbrokers and financial advisers.

We can arrange registration of trusts with H M Revenue & Customs and, in those rare cases where it is necessary, with the U S Internal Revenue Service under the FATCA rules.


We act as trustees for family trusts, devising the investment policy, fulfilling the legal and accountancy roles of trusteeship and monitoring the performance of the trust for you.  As trustees we take a keen interest in working out what is best for the beneficiaries.

Why choose us?

  • You will have a highly experienced adviser working for you who will get to know you and establish a close and long-term working relationship with your family and beneficiaries.
  • Our expertise in the taxation of trust and estates will help guide you when you need to make important decisions.
  • You will have a trustee with sufficient strength of personality to stand up to any family members who make exceptional or unreasonable demands on the trust.
  • We are a small team, so you will receive a high level of personal service such as you would not normally experience with a corporate trustee of the representative of the trust department of a large firm.

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